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Forestlawn is hosting Smile Programs...the mobile dentists on

October 24,2017

We have invited the Smile Programs…the mobile dentists to coordinate on-site dental care at our school because we know how important taking care of your children’s teeth is to keeping them healthy. Best of all, your child can receive dental care at NO COST TO YOU, as Medicaid, CHIP and most other insurances cover 100% of prevention treatment.

Signing up your children to see the mobile dental team is an easy & convenient way for them to get necessary dental care. If you want your child to see the dentist on “Shine Your Smile Day,” all you have to do is fill out the dental permission slip and return it to the school.

Forestlawn Halloween Party image Forestlawn Halloween Party

HALLOWEEN PARTIES - FRIDAY, 10/27/2017  1:20-2:20 P.M.

 The excitement of Halloween is in the air! While we know this is a special occasion for children, we ask you to please follow these few guidelines:

 1.  Costumes are optional. You can have your child wear Halloween socks or Halloween shirts. Black, orange and purple are the colors of Halloween. They can wear clothing of these colors to school. If your child will be changing into a costume it should be SIMPLE! Your child should be able to get into the costume in the classroom by him or herself. We just can’t accommodate 116 children running back and forth to the restroom!  Children should bring their costumes to school in a bag with their name on it. Costumes are not to be worn to school, but can be worn home. Be sure the child can see out of their costume and not trip over it.

2. Please no makeup and hair color on party day. It really isn’t necessary for the few minutes the children will be dressed.

3. Please do not make fake blood and weapons a part of your child’s costume.

4. Those parents not wishing their children to participate in these Halloween activities may pick them up at 1:15 P.M.

Your cooperation with these requests will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy Halloween!
Fall Picture Retakes image Fall Picture Retakes
Picture retake day will be on Thursday, November 2, 2017. The following items will be handled by Lifetouch School Portraits on this day:

1.  Retakes for unsatisfactory photos (ex. closed eyes, off center, etc.) You must return the original picture packet with your retake request.
2.  Retakes for students that were absent or new to the school.  If you are ordering pictures the money must accompany your order.

Extra picture retake order forms are available in the school office.
tv twenty-two A Collection of Our Most Popular 2016-17 School Videos
We have assembled a portfolio of the most popular school videos filmed by our District Video Club and our Brookside Video Production Classes. We hope you enjoy the videos. Click HERE to view the page. 
bus Bus Routes 2017-18
Click HERE to see the bus routes for the 2017-18 school year. 

We value your help and support in our schools. In today’s climate we’re sure you understand the need to ensure the safety of our students. Before volunteering we ask that you complete the following steps:

1.  Come into the school office and let them know you wish to become a school volunteer.  The office will notify the secretary at the Board Office that you will be coming over to get the paperwork needed.

2.  At this time you can go to the Board Office to pick up an official records check

form. (You need to use this form, no other form will be accepted.)

3.   Then make an appointment for your background check, both a FBI/BCI.

4 . Once the background check is received, the building Administrator will send a recommendation to Mr. Cook to have the volunteer names placed on the Board Agenda to be approved.

5. Once you are Board approved, you will be able to begin to volunteer.

Thank you for being a very important part of our schools. The students and staff appreciate all that our volunteers do for us.

Please know the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District pays for all of our volunteer background checks.


Waiver/Professional Development Days image Waiver/Professional Development Days
2017-2018 Waiver/Professional Development Days

There will be no school for Forestlawn students on the following dates:
                        09/29/2017                        2/16/2018
                        10/20/2017                        3/23/2018
                                                       11/06/2017                        5/14/2018           
                              Please mark your calendars with these dates.
Dealing with Preschool Behavior in Public

Please see the "Read More" link for more information about this program.

If a 2 hour delay is called for our school, it means that the student start time will be 10:35AM.  Buses will still be running, but 2 hours later.  For instance, if you bus usually comes at 8:00, with a 2 hour delay it will be at your bus stop at 10:00.  Dismissal time will be the same at 3:20PM. Please have a plan in place so you are prepared when a 2 hour delay is called.  Breakfast is not served when we have a 2 hour delay. 
I.D. Tags image I.D. Tags

At the beginning of the school year each child will receive 3 numbered tags. To help dismissal run more smoothly, please attach the numbered key ring to your child’s book bag. The key ring is to stay on the book bag all year. Also, please attach the other two numbered tags to your car keys etc….this is our way to identify you and your child at dismissal. If your child is a walker or bus rider, please attach the key ring to their book bag as well, just in case they are a car rider throughout the year. All parents will show their numbered key ring  to the staff member at the door and they will find the child with the matching number. Safety is IMPORTANT and I want to make sure all of our students at Forestlawn are safe.

There is a procedure for parents visiting during the school day at Knollwood and Forestlawn this year.  When a parent wants to visit their child's classroom during the day, the parent will have to either call or email the teacher to set up an appointment.  Frequent distractions interrupt the educational process of learning for all the students and it is often hard to get all the students back on the learning track.  Thank you for helping us keep the learning environment a productive one. 
Forestlawn Arrival and Dismissal Times-2017/2018 image Forestlawn Arrival and Dismissal Times-2017/2018

Please keep in mind as the school year begins, there will be procedures to the entry and dismissal at Forestlawn.  The entry bell for all students is at 8:20. If your child is a car rider, please drop your child off at the main doors to enter into school.  No child is allowed to wait outside the doors without a parent or guardian BEFORE 8:20. THERE IS NO WAITING IN THE FOYER AREA OF THE SCHOOL. Students must be in their homerooms and ready to work by 8:35 or they will be counted tardy.

 End of the day dismissal is at 3:20. All bus riders will be dismissed out the back gym doors. Bus riders will leave as soon as their buses arrive. Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed out the East doors of the building. Our crossing guard will be checking tag numbers for any parent that wishes to walk with their child. She will cross students needing to cross Forestlawn Ave. and walk the other students down to Lake Breeze Rd. and cross them.  All car riders will be dismissed out the front doors. THERE IS NO WAITING IN THE FOYER AREA OF THE SCHOOL . All parents will show their numbered key ring to the staff member at the door and they will find the child with the matching number. Please help us make this process be as smooth as possible. If you have forgotten your numbered key ring, we ask that you wait until the end of dismissal to identify your child in the office with ID. Thank you for your continuous support. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please call the office at 949-4238.

Please remember that Forestlawn Ave. is a one way (Westbound) during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal times. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO CARS ARE TO ENTER THE PARKING LOT DURING ARRIVAL OR DISMISSAL TIMES.
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