• Technology



  • Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools utilizes multiple sources of technology to enhance the instructional experiences of students in preschool through 12th grade to meet 21st Century Learner needs.  The integration and maintenance of our technology is done by a team which includes the Director of Technology Integration, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, district administration, building principals, building staff, and teachers.  The driving philosophy behind the use of technology in the district centers on instruction leading the technology.  Technology is always viewed as a tool to enhance instruction, not replace a teacher.

    Our district uses a program launchpad known as Classlink.  Students can access most, if not all, of their online digital tools through this program.  It also helps regulate which resources students are using throughout the ongoing challenge of protecting our students from unwanted resources.  Students may access Classlink by logging into school Chromebooks or by the icon in the “Find It Fast” drop-down menu on the district website.

    Quality and purposeful integration of technology is essential.  The objectives of this integration are to help staff and students accomplish the following:

    • Use digital tools to achieve the highest academic standards.
    • Help communicate, collaborate and think critically about the academic content standards.
    • Create interactive and multimedia-rich learning environments to help address individual learner needs.
    • Support creativity and risk-taking to enhance learning and teaching.
    • Facilitate knowledge to choose and apply the appropriate digital tools when completing projects that demonstrate mastery of content.
    • Understand and apply the practical, safe and ethical uses of technology.
    • Support ongoing and embedded professional development.

    Please ask students to show how they are using technology in their learning experiences.  Also, ask them often to make sure they are making the best choices possible when using technology.  There are many safeguards to protect our students, but adult oversight is always the best.