• Endowment




    Sandy Swearns, President
    Stacey Mahnke, Vice-President
    Abbe Mastroianni, 1st Secretary
    Betsy Ingram, 2nd Secretary
    Andrew Smith, Treasurer
    Amy Kitzberger, SSLTA Representative
    Emily Kinser, SSLCEA Representative
    Lisa Miller, BOE Representative
    Emmett Garton, Community Member
    Barbara Miller, Community Member
    Amy Baughman, Community Member
    Pat Czech, Community Member
    Nicole Yonkof, Community Member
    Brenda Svec, Coordinator of Instruction
    Michael Cook, Superintendent (Ex-officio)
    Rachel Tansey, District Treasurer (Ex-officio)



  • The Endowment Committee will be awarding grants this year on an ongoing basis and will be considered at the next scheduled Endowment Committee meeting after submission.
    One grant may be submitted at a time. Prior approved grants must be completed before any additional grants will be considered.

    Gifts to the Foundation can take the form of:
    Outright Gifts Deferred Gifts Memorial Gifts Incremental Gifts Specified Gift
    Cash or long-term appreciated securities Bequests, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, life insurance policies Funds or assets in memory of a deceased relative, friend or educator. Gifts made in stages, planned in advance as to amount and timing. Resources to serve specified subject areas or extra-curricular programs for the school and/or community (performers, lecturers, scholars).

    Donations may be made to support the following categories:

    General- Provides general enrichment programs and activities in the classrooms.

    Arts-Provides enrichment programs and activities for music & art classrooms.

    Scholarships- Provides financial assistance for graduating seniors for studies beyond high school.