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BHS Important Dates

December 7: Parent/Teacher Conferences 3-7pm

December 11th: NO SCHOOL (PD Day)

December 18-January 2nd: NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)

December 20th: Food Pantry

January 15th: NO SCHOOL (MLK Day) 

January 16-18th: Final Exams for Semester 1

January 17th: Food Pantry

January 19th: End of 2nd Grading period 

January 22nd: NO SCHOOL (Records Day)

February 12th: NO SCHOOL (PD Day)

February 19th: NO SCHOOL (President's Day)

February 21st: Food Pantry

February 22nd: Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00

March 20th: Food Pantry

March 21st: End of Third Grading Period

March 22nd: NO SCHOOL (Records Day)

March 28th-April 5th: NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

April 8th: NO SCHOOL (Eclipse Day)

April 15th: NO SCHOOL (PD Day)

April 17th: Food Pantry

May 15th: Food Pantry

May 17th: Field Day

May 27th: NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

May 29th-30th: Senior Final Exams

May 31st: Commencement Practice for Seniors

June 2: Commencement at 2pm

June 3rd-5th: Final Exams for Semester 2

June 5th: Last Day of School

June 19th: Food Pantry